ASPIRA School teachers train to use PVAAS

In 2018, ASPIRA School teachers will complete the three-year cycle necessary for a Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System score. PVAAS measures a teachers impact. Currently training in the second year, ASPIRA School teachers only qualify for two-thirds of a PVAAS assessment. SAS and the Pennsylvania Department of Education developed PVAAS to establish benchmarks and measure trends for individual teachers over a three-year period. Basically, PVAAS quantifies teaching style. SAS and the Pa DOE provide online tools for teachers to track and improve their own performances. PVAAS requires user training, similar to using market data or Google analytics. Once a teacher can navigate the haystacks of data, they can view their own personal impact on student learning. PVAAS places teachers under immense pressure. Performance scores, in every discipline, demand a self-inventory. The question asks more than “Are you good enough?” The internal question demands “Are you good enough for students?” Teachers must be willing to honestly look at themselves through the lens of fresh minds, absorbing and processing every piece of information within the reach of their senses. PVAAS data shows strengths and weaknesses on the Teacher-Specific Reports, one of many PVAAS resources. The Self Reflection Guide for PVAAS Teacher Reporting provides a professional development resource, using the data for self-evaluation. PVAAS provides more than student achievement data, its a personal challenge. ASPIRA School teachers have accepted the challenge. The best performers always strive to be better.
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