Bilingual Cyber Charter School hosts career workshop for special needs students

On Feb. 15, 2017, Bilingual Cyber Charter School and the Philadelphia Office of Vocational Rehabilitation conducted a workshop to prep special needs students for job interviews.The OVR workshop focused on the basics: organizing and timing. On the special needs spectrum, academics can often be a students strength while planning may be the same students need for improvement. A math prodigy with Aspergers Syndrome wont land a job interview at IBM if he or she struggles to decide which method of transportation to use. Ranging between seventh and 11th grades, students created two transportation plans for two different jobs. They picked the method of transportation: Septa, car, Uber and cab. Using Google Maps, they planned the appropriate route, time to leave and time to arrive. The workshop also discussed rules of conduct, such as staying on topic and staying calm. Students also practiced cell phone and waiting room etiquette. Students watched videos showing interview DOs and DONTs. The mock interview awaits the students at the next workshop. This workshop presents the first installment of a series of three workshops. The final workshop will present a job fair, complete with employers.
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