Who we serve

We aim to serve Latino and other vulnerable youth in North Philadelphia, specifically in the Hunting Park, Kensington, and Olney communities. As the high school dropout rate in Philadelphia continued to rise and the Philadelphia School District was taken over by the state for continued poor performance, ASPIRA of PA began to consider how it could help youth in Philadelphia obtain a quality education. With the advent of the new PA charter school law in the 1990s, starting our own school seemed to be an appropriate course of action to help youth. In 1998, ASPIRA of PA founded Eugenio Maria De Hostos Charter School, which operated as an independent school until 2008, when ASPIRA of PA became a Charter Management Organization (CMO) and took over school management. Since 2008, our CMO has founded and operated a variety of charter schools, including traditional charters, a cyber charter, and restart schools from the School District of Philadelphia. Our proven success with increasing student proficiency has enabled us to now operate five charter schools. ASPIRA of PA offers great insight and success to the charter education world and provides an innovative, proven, replicable model of educational transformation for similar populations nationally and in Puerto Rico.  

The Big Picture

Latino and African American students lag behind in school and represent the highest high school and college dropout rates among all demographic groups. As formidable and growing groups in this country, these are dire statistics. As such, ASPIRA of PA is dedicated to educational excellence and is working hard to attain quality education for all. ASPIRA of PA’s vision and strategic plan revolve around a cradle-to-college/career educational model. With a successful preschool, several successful charter schools from K-8th grade, a new K-12th grade cyber charter school, a new charter high school, and several educational programs serving K-12th grade youth, ASPIRA of PA’s plan is coming to fruition. Through both program and school management, we aim to produce youth who are assets within their neighborhoods, equipped with knowledge, 21st century skills, and social consciousness to propel community improvement.