Olney Charter High School students take a teamwork retreat

Olney - Outward Bound Rope Course Trip - School Year 2016-2017 In late December, Olney Charter High School teacher, Mr. Bishop, engaged students in a series of training exercises to improve the students motivation for attendance and teamwork, the goals of obstacle courses at Philadelphia Outward Bound School. POBS is a non-profit organization that delivers programs in the wilderness, urban settings and classrooms designed to teach interpersonaland community leadership skills, according to the POBS Facebook page. POBS provides an alternative approach to students needing to improve school attendance. Peer Mediation students also attended the class trip. The teamwork training aimed to demonstrate the value of each students participation while building relationships among contrasting personality types. OCHS students tackled the Teambuilding and High Ropes course, a 30-ft climb. The course includes problem solving challenges, group exercises, low ropes activities and the High Ropes Challenge Course. The concept is simple: united, we stand and divided, we fall. Hanging 30-ft from the ground, students learn to trust and communicate with their teammates while conquering personal fears. The trip inspired confidence, trust and participation.
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  1. Ijane
    How do I apply for olney ?
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      For enrollment, please see this page: http://www.aspirapa.org/olney/olney-information-and-enrollment/olney-enrollment/
  2. Erica Dickerson
    Hello, I called the main office several times and no one answered. I would like to speak to Ms. Bailey and/or the AP for 12th grade.

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