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The ASPIRA ZipCode - Our Student Newspaper

The 2018 issue of the ASPIRA ZipCode student newspaper is available for download in PDF format via the link on the sidebar. You can also read the newspaper via the image gallery below or obtain a print copy by visiting the main office / by email request: [email protected]

The ZipCode would not have been possible without the following people, to whom we extend a very special thank you:
  • Miriam Enriquez
  • Calvin Tucker
  • Daniel LaSalle
  • Jaime Ruth
  • Tony Rocco
  • Ellen Green
  • Felicia Rosen
  • Kathryn Kring-Schriefels
  • Jessica Mendez
  • Emily Walkiewicz
  • Cynthia Marrero
  • Kelly Hirsch
  • Jaryn Frederick
  • Denise McKnight
  • Steve Lanciano
  • Jason Fontana
  • Didier Garcia