Our Mission

Our Mission
ASPIRA is a community-based organization whose mission is to empower Puerto Ricans and other Latinos through advocacy, education and leadership development of its youth. Because of ASPIRA's proven success, we have grown and have been enabled to serve many communities in need.
Since our foundation 50 years ago, ASPIRA of Pennsylvania has risen to new challenges and adapted to our area's growing needs. Still, the mission at the heart of the organization hasn't changed: we inspire leadership through education. We deliver the knowledge young people need to thrive as well as the types of learning experiences that bring visions of strong, vibrant communities to life — and within reach of all families, neighbors, and friends.
Today, ASPIRA of PA continues to promote involvement by people of ages via the types programs and initiatives which have long been the foundation of ASPIRA, in Pennsylvania and for other chapters nationwide. is directly contributing to the to provide high-quality education and learning experiences that empower individuals to thoughtful responsible citizenship for the good of their community.
Our Goals
As teachers, mentors and examples for the next generation, we 'ASPIRANTES' vow to:
  • Grow and develop our schools and programs, and the way they educate and affect people
  • Strengthen nonprofit community engagement for greater reach
  • Deepen the relationships between member organizations to increase knowledge, effectiveness, and capacity for collective action
  • Build bridges between nonprofits and key institutions (business, local government, philanthropy, etc.) to increase partnerships and cooperation
  • Increase opportunities for effective cost-saving programs and services