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Adult Initiatives

The ASPIRA Stakeholders Community Group


For over 13 years, the community group known as the “Hunting Park Stakeholders” met monthly under the leadership of ASPIRA to discuss the issues that most affect our community — and to work together for real solutions. While the name of the program has changed to the “ASPIRA Stakeholders Community Group,” we remain strong in our commitment to addressing and solving issues such as school absence, domestic violence, drug abuse and many more. This group also serves as an avenue for communication among people from the entire Hunting Park area in order to ensure that our community members are benefiting from the work of the local government. Follow ASPIRA, Inc. of Pennsylvania on Facebook for regular updates and meeting times to be part of our efforts. You can also email [email protected] for more information.

ASPIRA Parent Empowerment Program


In 2011, ASPIRA of PA began its Parent Empowerment Program.  The program addresses a variety of topics, such as assisting children with homework, effective discipline, and communicating with children about difficult topics.  ASPIRA of PA implements the program curriculum via various learning paths and every class encourages open dialogue. This program is funded by the Public Health Management Corporation and Philadelphia Department of Human Services.

Community Technology Center (CTC)

The Community Technology Center is a new initiative funded by NASA, PECO, and Comcast as part of the nationwide STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) model for development.  CTC provides students and community members with access to a computer lab and other advanced equipment to increase computer literacy and open new doors through technology within our community.